Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Yes, my little boy( sorry big kid) is now EIGHT! Wow, time keeps flyng by. I still remember his first birthday with us, I treasure that day. It was also the day that he was dedicated to the Lord.
Now he is turning into a young boy.

No matter how old he is, I still want to grab him in my arms and hold him forever, but I only get about 5 seconds until he starts to complain. Oh well, I am just glad he is ours! We love you so much Micah!

Monday, November 18, 2013

And Then She was 9!

Yes, my little Sophia is now 9 years old( on 11/11)! This was the 4th birthday that we have been able to celebrate with her. This year her big present request was....  a hamster! And she got not just one, but two! We were told that this was the best birthday she ever had. Every day with you in our lives is the best day we ever had! We love you!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Big 5 Gotcha Day!

Yes it has been 5 years since we brought our little Micah home(October 4th) but he is not little any more. It is so hard for me to believe that he is getting so big. I see him with a buch of other kids and think that he can't be with them because they are so big. But he is growing into a sweet young man. He started first grade this year and is doing wonderful. He loves school and has told me that his favorite thing is music. I already knew that because it just comes so natural to him but I am glad that he is recognizing it. I am hoping to get him into a music program this summer to help keep him busy. This summer I realized that if he is kept on some sort of schedule he does so much better. Unlimited free time just opens up the doors for him to get in trouble. We are so blessed to have Micah in our family, I can't tell you how I love this little one. Thank you Lord for your blessings.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Three Years Home!!!

Wow! It is hard to believe that it has been 3 years since we first met our beautiful daughter Sophia( On September 6th). It seems like she has been with us forever not just 3 years. Here she is today:
It is amazing how big she is getting. In fact when we went through here drawers to see what cloths fit her, she only had one pair of pants that still fit! She is now in third grade and is doing amazing when you consider she didn't speak any english three years ago. She was not too excited about going back to school this year, she just did not like any of the subjects. But thanks to a wonderful teacher and some extra tutoring she is really starting to enjoy her subjects more and even says, "I really like math!" She is such a happy little girl! We are so thankful for her!

Friday, May 17, 2013

SEVEN Already!

Yes, I am only 3 weeks late in posting but my little Micah is now 7! I keep getting older and time keeps passing by so much faster. Here are some pictures on his birthday.

This last one really threw me for a loop when I looked at it on the computer. He looks so big! I can't even use the word little any more in describing him. In fact he grew so much this winter that I had to go up in pant sizes half way through the season. Things have been going really well for him this year. It was a little rough starting Kindergarten. His behavior was difficult to manage even with doing all the OT for his sensory issues. I thought he also has some auditory sensory issues because it always took me, Russ, the teachers 3 times of saying something before he would even recognize that you were talking to him. After talking with his teacher( who has been so wonderful with him) and another close friend. They suggested that it could be ADHD. I hated to go down that path but we had him anaylized and our doctor recommended medication. Natural things were not really working for him so we decided to do medication. Oh My! What a difference it made. It took awhile to find the right one to limit the side effects but he is now doing wonderful. No more behavior chart at school. He is now the student in the class that is doing the extra things to help the teacher out. No more having to go in the school to pick him up on days that there is a substitute( because he is so out of control). And he is such a pleasure to be around. Even the principle caught up with me at a school event and said how amazing the transformation is. Things are not perfect but they never are with any child but I can now see his heart in the things that he does. It is so wonderful to see the loving child that I know he is. In seeing all the heart breaking things that are going on with Russia banning American's from adopting there, I pray for those children. The precious face that you see above is the face of what could be with so many children that are still in orphanages in Russia. Lord, You are more powerful than any ruler of this world. Please Lord help those children get into homes where they can experience Your love!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday!!

EIGHT YEARS OLD!! Yes, our little Sophia is 8 now. It is so hard to believe that just two years ago we celebrated her first birthday with us. We love you!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Micah's Gotcha Day #4 and Update

Wow it is so hard to believe that it has been 4 years since we brought Micah home(October 4th). Each day I see a little growth here and a little there but it is not until I look back on the pictures in Russia that I fully realize how far he has come not only in size but in all aspects.
Here is a picture of him when I got to take him out of the orphanage for the first time:
Here was last years Gotcha Day picture ( Year 3):
And here is Micah this year:
Oh he is just so big!

Since I last posted about Micah we have been on a vacation to Hilton Head where I am convinced he will be a surfer boy( even if he is from Ohio). He loves swimming and is so strong that we are putting him through closses year round this year to see if he can advance enough to be on a swim team next summer.
Then there was our Chirstmas Trip to Disney and Legoland, where he got his Lego license to drive.
Then there was his 6TH BIRTHDAY! So hard to imagine that my little one is 6!
We got him a mini trampoline to help with his Occupational Therapy that is going very well. Once I was ablt to get with someone who knew what to do with Sensory kids and with some trial and error, I could swear that the OT exercise are like magic with Micah. He can start off acting out of control and end up a totally different child!

Then we went backto Florida over the summer to visit Universal Studios. It was hot but it was fun. Here is Micah and the others with a Marvel Character.
And then there was the First day of Kindergarten:
He could not wait to go to BIG school like his siblings. I has worked with the school regarding his sensory issues and they were great. His teacher has Sophia and is just great with Micah. After only 4 days of school, the teacher decided to put a behavior chart together to help Micah with his behavior in the class. That day Micah came home so excited to show me his new behavior chart and that he was the only one in the class to get one! He was so excited. I just had to smile. He has been doing very well with his behavior and has some rough days but is really learning how to behave at school and around other kids.In fact I got to be in the class on a normal class day this week, helping out the teacher and he did not stand out at all because of his behavior. What a praise!

One of his favorite things to do is sing. His favorite song, which he sings ALLLLLLLL the time, is the Star Spangled Banner, how priceless!

And here is one of my favorite pictures of my little scallywag! Snaggle tooth and all!
It is such a blessing to have Micah in our family. It is a struggle some days but the joy is so great on those good days.